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We are a consumer web & mobile product company. We specialize in building consumer products which operate on a large scale. We believe in empowering businesses and solving our clients’ toughest challenges through digital innovation and disruptions. We help our partners through data and insight driven solutions, knowing that we’ve got what it takes to bring their vision to life. RazrCorp has worked with some of the world’s most innovative and forward thinking brands to implement new age technologies and bringing about more efficiency. Our success is in putting customers first, creating frictionless customer experiences and engagements that create cost efficiencies and add new revenue streams.

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Our Clients

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Professional IT Services company Razr Tech to be now known as RazrCorp

20th June, 2019 - Luxembourg

Razr Tech part of RazrCorp will now be officially known as RazrCorp. We undertake this minor re-brand inorder to make it much more efficient to serve our

Chatbots & Voice Apps: The way forward for Consumer companies

27th June, 2018 - IT One

Ever since I got an Echo-dot, I no longer use my device to set alarms, reminders or play music. The flash news briefing can be a bit better though, but my user behavior has changed naturally yet passively.......

5 Key Points for Small Businesses to Keep in Mind While Searching for Space to Rent

30th April, 2018 - Entrepreneur

As a start-up it is just the right thing to operate from your home or from kitchen table for that matter. However, everyone dreams to grow from a start-up to a full-fledged business and to do that they need to plan their expansion strategy.......

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