Process Automation.

What is RPA

RPA is a new type of software that acts as a ‘virtual workforce’. It mimics human work by managing your existing applications and systems. It is particularly well-suited to highly transactional and repetitive tasks such as data entry, rekeying, reporting, formatting, archiving and working with several company applications at the same time. RPA doesn’t require deep integration with legacy systems which makes it affordable to implement and scale.

ROA by Industries - finance, HR, procurement, banking, insurance, retail and public services. Organisations


Provide 24/7 Availability
Handle Peaks and Troughs In Transactional Processing,
Reduce Resources Costs For Processing by 40-80% Per Activity
Shrink Turnaround Time by 80% For Key Processes
Reduce Error Rates In Reporting
Free Up Talent To Work On Higher Value Tasks and Not Data Entry or Number Crunching.

RPA Services

RPA Services


Analyse and automate sentiment across your social media from excerpts of large chunks of text and images or simply automate translation from one language to another.


Perform various email operations, post new tweets and send new messages on group chats.


Perform various location, spreadsheet, word processing operations at once with multiple files or simply compare PDF documents.


Automate daily dashboards, Convert Json to Csv, download files from sharepoint, convert .docx to .pdf, perform mathamatical operations, monitor ERP workflows, etc.


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