Our Expertise

Mountains Applications

Enriching business capabilities with custom web applications designed to meet business challenges.

Mountains Machine learning

Over the past 2 years, we have been training and building enterprise ready ML models to be the core DNA of our products

Mountains Chat Bots

With Razrbot Create Truly Enriching And Engaging Experiences For Your Audience

Mountains Automation

We believe in outsourcing the hardwork to the robots. From understanding the process to implementing a new one across various sectors

Technology Stack




Artificial Intelligence

The next frontier for humans, to create a brain better than ours. AI is a core focus area for Razr. Ask us for an AI assessment and how AI can support you in optimising core company processes.

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It’s time to simplify the customer experience and improve efficiencies. Ask us how you can implement chatbots across verticals

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RPA is a new type of software that acts as a ‘virtual workforce’. It mimics human work by managing your existing applications and systems. It is particularly well-suited to highly transactional and repetitive tasks such as data entry, rekeying, reporting, formatting, archiving and working with several company applications at the same time. RPA doesn’t require deep integration with legacy systems which makes it affordable to implement and scale.

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Internet of Things

Let's discuss IoT applications across verticals and how our software can connect all sensors ensuring flawless connectivity and big data analytics.

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Mobile first experience

To know your consumers, you need to build a world-class mobile experience of your products and services.



The shift in demand is towards partners that can improve productivity, and in part, that can be done by software, automation and AI. Ask us how we can transform your business.



Building new age UI/UX based on apple & Google material design philosophies. Be it a UI refresh or creating a brand new UI/UX for your product, we bring design thinking ideology to the entire process of building a future ready product.



Razr provides specialized inshoring and offshoring solutions tailored for your business.

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