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Where it all begins, The pipe which has enabled small startups to be multi-billion dollar companies.

In fact, telecoms come second only to media in the ranks of sectors expecting moderate or massive digital disruption over the next 3 years, according to a 2015 cross-industry survey of senior industry leaders.

Razr works with leading telcos like Vodafone across verticals to offer new age technology solutions keeping in line with the latest trends.

Application Development & Management

Razr specialises in providing new age UI/UX and mobility apps built on native android & ios serving the B2C & B2B space. Our application services include the following

Development: Providing end to end development following a design thinking approach right from requirement analysis to rollout. We work on Google & Apple material guidelines to build products for you keeping the customer experience at the center of the entire process

Maintenance: Providing maintenance & upgrades to existing applications, Our applications come with a comprehensive annual maintenance plan ensuring the product is upto date with the latest trends & operating systems

Integrations: We integrate your applications with SSO & other protocols.We work with you to replace, migrate or transform existing legacy systems with custom made applications

Management: Taking complete ownership & driving the application suite to rollout in different global markets tailored as per their need, we work with you as per agreed scope & SLA to fulfil a global product launch across markets.

Enterprise Portals & Customer Relationship Management

We specialize in revamping existing legacy systems to provide an enhanced customer experience b2b/b2c built on latest technologies like React Native which facilitate a high degree of advanced control to the user. Enterprise portals especially B2C are core to how a consumer interacts with the telco, we build a digital experience & a user journey to ensure a world-class experience. We integrate customer management portals with your systems to ensure a seamless migration.

Our enterprise portals have the following pre-built stacks to ensure a faster turnaround time.

1) Content Management System
2) E-Commerce & Gateway integration
3) Customer Experience UI/UX
4) Web applications
5) Complex user-management

Procurement Platforms(SCM & DMB)

We understand procurement is the heart of how a business is shaped for the future. That’s why we build platforms centralizing the entire supplier on-boarding to quote management & approval which resides with the demand management board. A telco is a large organization where teams frequently change, hence working with legacy systems to add/modify user management gets tricky. We provide systems with maximum controls to the demand board to raise/approve/reject requests & interactive next generation dashboards to get a complete view of

1) Supplier spend
2) Individual Team spend
3) Spillage Detection
4) Turnaround time matrix
5) Requestor access
6) Approver access

No more does the DMB team prepare custom built presentations to present to the governance team, they simply pull out & customize reports from the system which has the functionality to analyse, visualize big-data. We work with EP&S, LoB & other teams to centralize this process.

We further work with procurement teams to provide innovative dashboards & realtime supplier info to enable them to negotiate ferociously.

Customer Sentiment analysis(BETA)

The customer is always right? How about knowing customer sentiment in real time, How about knowing the sentiment of a negotiation process? Razr works with technologies like Google Duplex in developing complex AI driven neural networks which analyse in real time the sentiment of a customer towards the organisation. The same can be applied on a a LIVE telephone line to understand the behavior in a multicultural environment like a call centre. Customer sentiment analysis has the following applications:-

B2B: Applying CSA on supplier helpdesks & CRM’s
B2C: Applying CSA on call centre’s & monitoring realtime sentiments

Bespoke Platforms & Transformation

Often a telco which at least sits on more than 50 latest software applications & CRM’s isnt still able to maximize use of all of them to solve a problem effectively.

Razr works with individual team (sizes from 20-50) to develop custom bespoke platforms to transform the existing line of business.

IoT (Software Side)

Razr works to revamp & develop bespoke platforms(mobile & web) connecting with the sensors to provide & manage applications in realtime. On the IoT side, Razr manages development & integrations of applications for following segments:-

1) Internet in the car
2) Managed connectivity platform
3) Remote monitoring & control services
4) Insurance Telematics
5) Fleet Telematics
6) Warehouse & Inventory tracking

Big Data Analytics & Visualization

Data- The New OIL, if studied correctly can provide a serious edge in competing.

A lot of tools which a telco uses provide static & dynamic data. Razr steps in to further customize them & enhancing current tools to provide interactive dashboards. With the ever changing landscape, its imperative that the current data-set isnt going to be enough. Razr goes a step further to fulfill the following:-

1) Dashboard planning
2) Analytics Tooling
3) Dataset mapping

Robotic process automation

RPA is an unassisted automation technology. Apart from the regular benefits, RPA improves compliance and governance and allows shifting employees from mundane tasks to customer-facing roles. RPA can automate a lot of processes in the telecom industry ranging from order entry in fulfilment to network management. For example, managed services, Business-Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS), order-to-activation processes, such as order validation, directory listing, service activation, etc., can be made more efficient with RPA. For the success of RPA in an organization, it is imperative to draft a foolproof roadmap of implementation.

The roadmap includes the following steps:
1) Identification of the right processes
2) Streamlining the process flows by eliminating irrelevant steps
3) Identification of the best vendor
4) Assessing the pilot

Rollout Also, the organization should identify what may be the potential challenges in implementation and strategies to handle them.

1) Robotic process automation can save cost by 25-50%
2) Increases scalability and flexibility in business processes RPA allows data and processes to be retained onsite
3) RPA offers an improved service delivery model by increasing production and accuracy, reducing cycle times and decreasing the need for ongoing training
4) Automation phases out human intervention, thus reducing possibility of humans errors
5) RPA tools can work 24/7. Typically, one robot can do the work of 3-5 FTEs


Build a truly personalized experience for your customers via chat & voice bots. Serve them better by enabling services like

1) Activate Roaming
2) Bill Payment reminders
3) Data consumption warnings
4) Promoting new offers
5) Customer support & PUK code

Razr works with integrating bots with your database to provide a truly conversational experience.

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