Our journey with Vodafone

RazrCorp was incubated in 2017 at Tomorrow Street, a joint venture between Vodafone and the Government of Luxembourg. Our break came through a community company program. Since then, we have been working with Vodafone in future technology areas related to Machine Learning (ML), automation and mobile and web applications across their global markets.

RazrCorp powers Arch Summit, Vodafone’s flagship startup event in Luxembourg that brings more than 5,000 people in attendance from across the globe. Arch Summit’s entire infrastructure runs on RazrCorp’s enterprise event ticketing solution, Entertainrr. We manage everything, right from web, mobile app, ticketing, payment processing and analytics. Entertainrr is used across Vodafone’s events and sponsorships around the globe.

Procura is an enterprise approval management system enabling work-order approvals connected to Vodafone’s Central purchasing desk. RazrCorp has helped reduce approval turn-around times from 21 days to just 3 days.

We have helped Vodafone consolidate an ever-growing and vast IoT business on a responsive portal giving Vodafone a single overall dashboard visibility of spends and suppliers across IoT categories mobile and web portal.

Vodafone group’s global incubator centre in Luxembourg runs host of RazrCorp’s tools, right from application management, live voting and awards management for their startups.

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